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Personal value finding process 

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what are you steering towards?

Themes & process

We work on finding your personal values ​​and how you can incorporate them into your life and use them as a guide. ​


The more our values ​​come into play, the more meaning and satisfaction we will also feel, because we focus on what's really important to us and give of joy in life. ​


We work with visualizations and reflection exercises that promote knowledge and insight.

For that process we can use a wheel of life, along with other various exercises. They help you to see the life you've lived, the actions and choices you've made and what you want to steer towards in the future.

We also work to make it specific, so that you can get some clear strategies to go out and live your values.

Personal value
finding process

In a value finding process, it's about examining which values are leading your life.​

Understood in the sense, that it is what we focus on that creates our life. Your mindset and actions tell what you prioritize.

​We work on turning your words of value, into more specific actions, so that they can live in your life. They become what we steer by, guiding you to be in the world as you would like to and to be the person you desire to be.​


If you have been in a process of change and worked a lot on your personal growth, you will discover, that the new perspectives and skills you have acquired, present space for new values.

Therefore it could be a great idea, as part of your person growth journey, to also take a deeper look at your values, so that they actually fits your new life.  

You might want to dig deeper to find some core values. It may also be that you need a more targeted focus and want to put some focus values ​​into play in your life for a specific period. ​

It will therefore be very individual how many sessions you use for such a value finding process. It depends on you, your wishes, where you are in life and where you want to go.



A course package of 5 sessions costs DKK 4000. Following sessions cost DKK 1000.

A session is 50-60 minutes

You can read more about prices and conditions here

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