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Get the Strength out 
so it can be used

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Welcome to STYRKOUT

When you are reading this, you have already taken the first step towards recognizing yourself and the desire to create positive changes in your life.

I hope will take a look around the site and that you find what you are searching for.

You have the strength and I have the framework & structure to help. Let's work together towards reaching your personal goals. To find out what STYRKOUT means, clik below. 


My motto;

"You have all the strength within you that you need".

Food calmness & body clamness

Self-esteem & self-confidence

Weight loss

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Disturbed relationship with food

Emotional eating

Emotion regulation

Binge eating & restrictive eating


Living your life values 

Resources and areas of interest

About me

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My name is Malene Summer Stougaard

I created STYRKOUT to help others on their journey to living their best life!


I believe that coaching & mentoring can contribute to giving us greater knowledge about ourselves and help create positive changes towards the life we want to live and the person we want to be.

You should know about me, that I am persistent and take great honor and respect in my work. I'm energetic, engaged and I work visually and structured to initiate an evolving space for conversation and reflection, that can lead towards taken actions, to following your dreams and goals.

You will get a coach and mentor who can create a safe space, where there is room to be who you are and embrace what will appear.

Let's work together on activating your amazing strength so you can use it.

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"When you consciously work on yourself, you create the opportunity for positive changes and can live the life you desire"

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The time is now
Invest in yourself, your life & your dreams.

Write to me 

If you would like a free,

non-binding call, where we can find out if STYRKOUT

is a match for you.

Best regards, 

Malene Summer 

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Thank you, I will get back

to you as soon as possible

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