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Why choose STYRKOUT 

Because I believe, that we have ALL the strength within us that we need!

Styrke in danish is translated into english as strength. But for me that word doesn't have the same power, force and value as the danish word styrke. When saying STYRKE, there is a sound that also awakens the word and brings an empowerment to it.

Styrke/strength has always been a very valuable word for me. I believe strength is many things and hold different meaning for each of us. For me it includes self-confidence, taking action, listening to my mind, body & spirit, calmness, knowledge, balance, acceptance, embrace, understanding and so much more.

It is both a physical and a mental strength, working together and enabling you to make initiative and taking actions towards living your best life.  


At STYRKOUT, I work with the approach that we have all the strength within us that we need.

That means the strength is in your core! Where I enter the picture, is by helping you activate your strength. To help bring it into the light, in all of its different forms, so that you can use it for taking action.

Hence STYRKOUT > Because the strength must come out. 

As a coach, I can help create the reflective space to bring awareness to get important knowledge, that can provide access to your strenght, so you can activate it. Then the strength turns into active energy, that can be used to make choices. Conscious choices that can promote personal growth and create the desired positive changes, towards the life that you really want to live.

Let me help you, by creating a framework, that can structure and create an overview, so that YOU can unfold yourself.

If you are here to strengthen yourself, your self-esteem, your life, your health, your weight loss, your eating habits, your personal values, your relationships, your career, your business or something else entirely, take action today and contact me about a course.

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My mission:

"To help bring out the strength so that it can be used".

My motto:

"You have all the strength within you that you need"

Because I believe we all have a lot of resources within and through coaching and mentoring I can help you get your styrke activated.

Sometimes a more structured approach is needed to activate that styrke, in order to release it, so we you achieve your desires and personal goals in life that bring you joy, satisfaction, freedom, balance or what you are looking for.

Make a wish

Put actions behind your wishes

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Values at STYRKOUT

Strength - For me it means practicing my motto saying that "You have all the strength within that you need". By focusing on resources and opportunities and seeing the strength in people.

Authentic - For me it means being sincere, honest and real. That my communication is open, clear and that I work with visibility.

Trustworthy - For me it means being genuine, open and having worked in-depth with myself, to be able to recognize the growth journey my clients will encounter.

Responsible - For me it means being professional, reliable and quality-oriented. To keep developing by being up-to-date on new knowledge, methods as well as working on my own personal growth. I take my responsibility working with people and being trusted very seriously and treat this with great respect.

Embrace - For me it means being curious, appreciative and respectful. To provide a safe space for the client to feel seen, heard and understood by creating a room that allows for reflection to gain for new awareness and knowledge.

Commitment - For me it means being present in the moment, motivating and supportive. To show up with positivity and good energy and being able to provide a secure structure that my clients can lean into.

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