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Coaching & Mentoring


Coaching is a method and provides techniques for discovering and unfolding the clients performance and potential.

It's about helping people finding the road from where they are to where they want to go.


Coaching have no message and therefor it tries to be neutral, by not saying what is right or wrong, but to working on the clients terms.


Coaching is not therapy, counseling or mentoring. The focus is on the present and the future but not the past.


Coaching offers a framework to be able to create space for reflection, that can initiate new insights and knowledge. This is done through questions and it is you, as the client, who has the answers and then has to go out and act on them.

You are the one who knows the truth about your life and you set your goals because; You are the expert in your life.


My job as a coach is to help you find the answers you need to live the life you want.

Through the various techniques and tools, we go on a discovery journey and unfold your potentials and bring out your styrke! 


"When you gain insights and knowledge about your presence in the world, you can approach your life in a more conscious and clarified way".

Malene summer stougaard foran en dør

"Open the door to changes & get closer to the life you want".


Mentoring gives you the opportunity to put your own experiences, trials and knowledge into play.

This helps to provide a good basis for creating a common understanding.


Mentoring creates the opportunity to help others initiate their personal growth process, because the mentor has walked the path themself. This contributes with an experience and background that enables the mentor to recognize the processes the client goes through.

Mentoring can therefore act as being hugely supportive and motivating.


Mentoring also allows me to take on a more advisory role. Here I can contribute with my knowledge about being a food mentor and use coaching to help create new insights and wisdom into your patterns and what limits you from living the life you want to live.

Food mentor

As a food mentor, you work with the psychology behind health, weight loss and disturbed eating patterns. You look at it as a united whole and combine different methods and techniques such as; coaching, mentoring, body and dietary therapy within the field of psychology and health. 

The theoretical foundation of the food mentor training is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative psychology, systemic thinking, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and compassion focused therapy.

As a food mentor, I work with: 

Different forms of disturbed eating patterns, overeating, restrictive eating, emotional eating, body perception, body focus, control issues, shame, emotion regulation, etc.


Over many years, we may have adopted different food rules and views on being healthy. This may have led to several attempts at various diets or diets with restrictions on certain foods, which may have led to bindge eating or restrictive eating.

It can be very conflicting to be in these opposing needs and feelings. As a food mentor, I can help create a more balanced eating pattern and relationship with food, body immage and oneself.

I work with you and your knowledge, your world and your history to help illuminate your wisdom and bring out your styrke, so that you can create the strategies that supports you and your eating patterns, body image and self-image.


I myself recognize having a disturbed relationship with food and feeling disconected between my body and mind. I have taken a lot of heavy steps towards getting more balance and freedom in my life.

This enables me to create a safe and developing framework where you can also do the same.

Let me help to empower you, by being curious and exploring about yourself and the challenges you need help with.

Take action by contacting me for a free, no-obligation chat about a course.

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