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General information:

Company name: STYRKOUT

Owner: Malene Summer Stougaard


Phone: (+45) 20 55 11 20

CVR no. 43444174

Bank: Nykredit




Platform for sessions:

At the moment I only offer online sessions.


At STYRKOUT, payment takes place ahead of a session.

Payment is made by bank transfer as shown on the invoice.    

You can pay ahead of time before each individual session or purchase several sessions at once and redeem them as you go. 

In case of delayed payment there is an interest of 0.70%, per started month, as well as a fee of  DKK 100,-


All prices are given in Danish kroner (DKK) and include VAT unless otherwise is stated. 

When starting a new private 1:1 course, a minimum of 3 sessions must be purchased. 


A private 1:1 coaching session has a duration of 50-60 minutes.

However note that the first session in a newly started course will typically be around

90 minutes. 

Group sessions have a duration of 2 hours. 


Cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours before your session. If you cancel after this time, you must pay for a full session, which is DKK 1000,-

No refunds are given for cancellations for group sessions. 

Cancellations can be made with phone (+45)20551120 by sending an SMS, leaving a voicemail or by sending an e-mail to

Rights, cancellation and validity: 

There is no right of refund on started courses. Purchased sessions must be completed within a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. 



It's important that you know that everything discussed is a confidential conversation between you and me. Our sessions are confidential and I will not pass on information without your consent. 

It is not allowed to record the sessions. This applies to both audio and video recordings.

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