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malene Summer Stougaard

Malene summer stougaard, Coach & madmentor
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“Whatever choice
you make, makes you”

My name is Malene Summer Stougaard

I believe we all have a lot of resources within and the strength to activate them.

I have always been interested in personal growth and curious to learn more about myself and the reasons behind my thoughts, feelings and actions.

I myself have had challenges concerning a disturbed relationship with food, being overweight, having loss of control and how to handle my emotions. I have walked the walk and taken many heavy steps on my personal growth path. It has given me a lot of tools and personal experience about changing habits and gaining a more supportive mindset.

Beacuse I truly invited coaching and mentoring into my life and consciously used it to work on myself, it has helped me to gain a greater insight to my life, my patterns and the actions I take.

It has positively changed my life!

It has given me greater fulfillment, meaning to life and joy, because I am now more aware of the choices I make and how to live a life, where my values come into play.

Now my passion is to help others. By making personal growth more tangible and empowering peoples belief in, that they have all the strength within them, to live their best life and be the person who brings them the most joy.

I'm also a professional pædagog(kind of like a children educator). This profession has given me a lot of different useful skills and has contributed to a fundamental understanding of what it means to work with people. I take that responsibility very seriously.

It is a privilege to gain trust from other people and I will honor that by doing my best to create a safe space, where there is room for vulnerability and whatever feelings might appear. I place where you can feel seen, heard, understood and where you can be yourself.

Working on yourself is hard work, but you need to know that I am here with you and you are not alone. I can't do the work for you, but I can help, support and guide you by creating room for reflection, insight and creating an overview and structure, so that we can find the tools, you need to help you achieve your goals.

In order to qualifying for working with coaching and mentoring others, I am a certified life coach and food mentor. This means that through a course with me, you will get quality and knowledge that is based upon something other than my own experiences. I use professional methods gain by my education. 

Remember that: "You have all the strength within you that you need". 

Let me help you build that bridge from where you are now, to where you want to go, and let's get the STRENGTH out together! = STYRKOUT

Start your journey today and send me a message. Then I will call you for a free, no-obligation conversation. 

Relevant education, courses & certificates:


Coach - 2022

By Sofia Manning

Sophia Manning

Coaching and conflict management - 2021

By Sofia Manning in collaboration with

Copenhagen Business Academy 


Food mentor - 2021

By Marie Steenberger

Marie Steenberger


Pædagog - 2013

UCC Professionshøjskole

 - Internship supervisor 2016

 - Inclusive educator 2020 

Malene summer stougaard ved stranden
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