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Work approach

Malene summer stougaard - Coach & madmentor

It's all about creating the best opportunities for my clients.

By having the opportunity to change my role between being a coach, a mentor and sharing my knowledge means we can adapt a course that matches the needs and desires you have. 

That's why I use different methods and tools, to help promote that important reflection, so you can gain new greater insight and wisdom about yourself in order to act with new positive strategies.

I will go in-depth, I am persistent, structured and I work visibly and visually.

For me authenticity and honesty are great values in both my private and professional life.

I like to include visuals and metaphors because I believe it adds an extra dimension and allows us to broaden our perspective.

When we use mental pictures and metaphors it allows us to connect and feel our words and feelings more clearly. 

I am here to help you take action, to help you stay motivated and having momentum.

By giving you tools that brings out your styrke, so that you can act towards your desires and goals.



brings opportunities"

Coaching at STYRKOUT is for you who:

  • Wishes for strength, support and structure. ​

  • Who would like to optimize your growth process and boost your reflection.

  • ​Are ready to take conscious action towards your dreams and goals. ​

  • Are ready to be in a reflective space, where you are curious about examining and work with your thoughts, feelings and patterns. ​

  • Want an authentic coach with authority, who can create an overview with structure and visualization, so that you can create good results for yourself.

Billede af Annie Spratt

"Opportunities double when you seize them"

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