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1:1 Course 

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Take a leap 

The time is now.

Invest in yourself, your dreams,


Ready for change

The most important thing is that you’re curious about yourself and ready to take the first step towards getting your strength out so you can act on your dreams and goals.

When participating in a coaching course, it’s important that you are prepared to create change.


Being ready for change, therefore means that you are at a place in your life, where you have decided to actively take action.

Your desire to live your life in a different way, is so great, that you’re ready to work with yourself in a curious and reflective way.

In a course with me, we work to find strategies that suit you.

Through a coaching and mentoring course here, you get the framework, to be able to face your challenges openly and get the strength, support and structure you need, so that you don't have to face it alone.

1:1 Private Sessions

In a personal course, it is always your goals that set the agenda.

It's your desires for your life, that we work towards.

Therefore it will also be very individual, how many sessions you need or which methods and exercises that will be most rewarding for you and your personal growth.

The most important thing is that you are curious about yourself and ready to take the first step towards  getting  your strength out, so you can act on following your dreams and goals. 

Practical information: 

- First session is around 90 minutes long.

- Following sessions is 50-60 minutes.

- Price per session DKK 1000,-

Session packages:

- Pack 1 = 6 sessions DKK 5400,- 

- Pack 2 = 10 sessions DKK 8800.- 

- Pack 3 = 15 Sessions DKK 12.750,-

Read more about prices and conditions here


Let me help you build your bridge 

A course can give you

  • Help to get your strength out and activated

  • Help be more action oriented

  • Help to be curious about yourself

  • Help examine your thoughts and feelings

  • Help to get structure and an overview

  • Help to create new habits and strategies

  • Help to take action towards your goals 

  • Help finding food calmness

  • Help finding body calm

  • Help changing your eating patterns

  • Help working with shame feeling

  • Help for greater self-esteem

  • Help for more self-confidence

  • Help with body contact

  • Help with body immage and acceptance

  • Help to deal with binge eating

  • Help to deal with restrictive eating

  • Help with weight loss

  • Help with emotional eating

  • Help to set personal values for your life

  • Help to work with your relationship with food, body and self-image

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