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Group Course

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Stand strong


subjects and themes

In a group course, we will typically work with topics around:

  • Covering eating types and food patterns

  • Satiety and hunger regulation

  • Food stress and food calmness

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Body image

  • Body connection

  • Body stress and body calm

  • Mindset

  • The surrounding environment and network

  • Motivation

  • Habits and creating structure 

  • Creating supportive strategies 

  • Finding personal values 

  • Documenting food, thoughts and feelings

  • Emotional regulation etc.

Group Course

In a group course, there will be a more predefined agenda and structured framework. Here will mentoring come more into play and it provides me with the opportunity to share my own knowledge and experience.

A group course is a great opportunity for you, if you would like to have others in similar position to share your thoughts and point of views with. 

It gives you the possibility to connect with others and to feel seen, heard and understood. 

It is also a great way to create a network and community where you can talk openly about things you may not have shared with others before and can use each other for support and motivation.

 put together group courses based on the inquiries and wishes I receive. This helps to create the best groups matches, according to the areas you need help with.


Practical information: 

- Once a week at a specific day and timeframe

- 8 times in total and 2 hours each time

- At a location in Copenhagen 

- A group of max 6 people

- Price DKK 12,000,-

Read more about prices and conditions here

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