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Relative coaching 

Relative Coaching

This course is for you who are a parent, sibling, partner, friend or other close relation to the affected person.

Being a relative can be very difficult and challenging. When an eating disorder, or a disturbed relationship with food, body, exercise and health takes up a lot of someone's life, it often also affects the environment around that person.

Therefore as relatives, it's important to also have the opportunity, to have access to a safe and supportive space, where you are able to speak out about your own challenges and things that affect your life.


So you can activate your strength, in order to be there in the best possible way, both for yourself and as support for your relationship.

It's possible for several people to be present for a relative coaching session. It can be supportive to have a common space, to be able to share and create

greater understanding.

Practical information: 

- First session is around 90 minutes long.

- Following sessions is 50-60 minutes.

- Price per session DKK 1000,-

Read more about prices and conditions here

Billede af Stephen Blenman

Build a strong foundation

Themes & topics

We take starting point with you and your relationship with the affected person and work specifically with the things that create challenges in this relationship.

These can be themes such as:

  • Communication

  • Strategies

  • Education and understanding

  • How can I support my relative

  • How to articulate your concerns

  • Sharing and reflection

  • Boundary setting

  • Self-care

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