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Personal development to increase your awareness

Personal development is important for everyone and happens continuously throughout life. Some you are forced into and almost thrown into. This means, that you find new paths that help develop you and the person you are. It is healthy and makes us feel good to look inward.

> To stop up and place a magnifying glass on our thoughts, behavior and reflect on why we do what we do. What does it give us, making the choices we do? What are the consequences/gains?

As a person in general, but especially also in my profession as a life coach & food mentor, it is particularly important for me, that I constantly work on my own development. This happens on a more conscious level, using various methods and strategies to help myself with the things I would like to have an increased focus on.

A little insight to my practice with this, is by making a monthly focus point. This helps me, to have a structured focus of reflection around a topic, I want to learn more about. By being curious, I can get to know myself better in a certain area or expand my skills.

This month I have chosen to have a focus, which I'm calling "Nice November".

Nice November is about focusing on being nicer to yourself. To offer yourself more kindness and self care. It can be in the way you talk to yourself, treat yourself or the demands and expectations you place on yourself.

I myself recognize using a harsh tone, to initiate action and including words like must and should. Often we allow ourselves to speak in a way that we would never speak to others. If you actually played some of these inner conversations out loud, you would probably be shocked, by the things you say to yourself and the demands and expectations you place on yourself.

Throughout my process, I worked with the Big Mind method, as briefly described, is a method that brings out different voices in you, that represent different perspectives. Here I saw this voice, that tried to motivate by talking tough, but also how that tone no longer worked for me.

The old patterns are in us as templates, so they will pop up from time to time. Therefore, it can be a good idea, to put a specific focus on some new habits or strategies, you would like to implement even more in your life. That reminds me of this wonderful quote:

”Energy flows where the mind goes”

I often use that quote as a reminder to myself, to remember to give energy and focus on what I wish grows.

I really appreciate this consciously focused approach to life and that's also why I love working in this field. I help people to focus on their lives and can help set a framework for their personal development. That means you can build the bridge from where you are, to where you want to be. Because what happens with coaching, is that you are setting intentions for your life and therefore, you also find out what is really important to you!

As always remember

"That you have all the strength in you that you need!"

Best wishes Malene Summer Stougaard

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