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How do I choose the right one to help me?

Personal coach, habit coach, overeating coach, weight loss coach, lifestyle coach, food mentor, personal trainer or therapist and advisors. There are many different titles and people ready to help. And because we are different as human beings, it will also be very different, what it is that will be able to help you with your personal challenges.

My coach and food mentor profile, as well as my own personal experience, have given me some very specific and unique skills, that I make use of in my work with my clients. When I started a more intensive personal development journey and sought help, I also had to try my hand at it. The wiser I became about myself and my challenges, the easier it became to notice and articulate what I needed help with.

Tip 1

Start now! Get started right where you are now. Just do something, so you get the process started! It will evolve along the way and you are actually know more about yourself than you might think. After all, you are the one who has the answers and is wisest about yourself and your life. By initiating a process, you can start investigating and being curious about yourself and creating some structure, it can allow some answers you need to come to the surface.

You can examine the underlying factors and learn more about yourself and what you are really looking for in life, so you can go more targeted at it.

Go towards the life you really dream of!

Tip 2

Be curious about what people can offer you and what feels right to you. When you have to work on personal development it can be very vulnerable for you, because the challenges you have to face, may have been going on for a really long time, or you’ve had difficulty seeing how they have may have affected your life. That’s why it’s important, that the person you choose to help you, is someone who make you feel like you can trust.

It may therefore be an idea to call around and have some preliminary conversations or meetup, to find out how they greet you and how their services suit you and your challenges. Don't be afraid to set requirements. This is your development journey and should get the help you need.

It must also be a professional. Someone who works with you and can take some of the responsibility that you hire them to take.

What's so great about getting professional help, is that you're not alone. Yes, you have to do the work yourself, we can't do that part for you, but you get a completely different framework, structure and not least support and motivation. This will allow you to safely lean into the framework set by the coach, so that you can do the development work.

Also, keep in mind that the one you choose to begin with, doesn't have to be a locked choice. You can start a course and see how it goes. Then you will try and find out how it worked out for you and that way experience how the different approaches and techniques are helping you achieve your personal goals.

Tip 3

Prioritize it!

You must give it value and prioritize doing the work in order for it to be able, to give you what you want. This must be a priority both financially and in terms of time and energy spend on it. You have to acknowledge yourself and your decision and put yourself at the top. Put your life, your joy and your satisfaction as the most important thing in your life. You really have to want this and prioritize the choice you've made.

Tip 4

Enjoy the journey!

”Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side – It’s the climb”.

It is an amazing journey to discover yourself, your strength, your courage, your energy and to build new skills that make you stand in life stronger than before and more yourself, than you thought possible. Enjoy the process and everything you acquire along the way. It's something you can't feel until you're in it and until you've felt that change and how it has made and impact on your life. It will feel so rewarding to work consciously and purposefully with yourself and find out you can actually do everything you want in life.

Good luck with your development journey wherever you start it but remember;

"That you have all the strength in you that you need!"

Best wishes Malene Summer Stougaard

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